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“No matter what happens, I’ll always be with you. Forever.

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Fear, chaos, pain.

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Happy 40th birthday, Kirsten! (I don’t believe her age either) 

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See, I’m a man of simple tastes. I enjoy dynamite, and gunpowder, and… gasoline!

See, I’m a man of simple tastes. I enjoy dynamite, and gunpowder, and… gasoline!

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I know where I am! I’m in Howl’s childhood!

—Howl’s Moving Castle (2004, dir. Hayao Miyazaki)

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Happy Birthday, Mark Wahlberg. (June 5, 1971)
”I’ve always looked at my career as an athlete would look at his. I won’t play forever.
Some don’t know when to walk away, but the smart ones do.”

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new kids on the block

step by step (1990)

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Sherlock - the different places

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